How do I convert my Subversion (SVN) code repository to git?

Step 1: Install Git. I use macports.

# sudo port install git-core +svn

Others may want to use one of these commands:

# sudo apt-get install git-core
# yum install git-core
# emerge -av git
# sudo pkg_add -i git-svn  
# sudo pkg_add -r git

Step 2: Check out your svn project with git. This may take a while, my project took about 20 minutes and it has 1300+ commits.

# git-svn clone projectname.git

Step 3: Get any commits that may have been made to your subversion repo while you were exporting it.

# git-svn rebase

Now you've got a functional git clone of your subversion repo. git commands are very similar to svn commands. For example:

# git commit -a -m "This is a commit message"
# git help  (to learn about more commands)

If you want to commit the changes you have made to your git repo to your svn repo, it's quite easy:

# git-svn dcommit